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7 Reasons Why Facebook is Loosing its Popularity Now a Days

Facebook, no doubt is still number of Social networking website however Facebook is loosing its popularity due to several factors. Many people who earlier were facebook insects have started saying Facebook is a boring network. Actually no one is responsible for this except Facebook's design team because recently so much features were introduced and most of people didn't like most of features. There are 7 other reasons why Facebook is loosing popularity.

1- New Facebook Chat

Earlier, Facebook's chat system was really cool. But the recent chat in Facebook's chat design is one of the most hated upgrades done by Facebook. Now its compulsory to keep a chat sidebar opened while you are chatting. This makes the rest of page smaller which annoys most of regular Facebook users. Though you can get old facebook chat back but there is still no official remedy for this.

2. New Facebook Photo Viewer

Earlier, it was much cleaner and easier to view pictures in Facebook but the upgraded Facebook photo viewer called "new theater photo viewer" is yet another one of most hated Facebook upgrade. Though its a convenient way to view photos but the black window that pops-out on click, cause layout issues and most of people just don't like this.

3- This Friend Request can't be sent

This is most annoying security check in Facebook. They say you cant add strangers in your Facebook so you cant make requests. They consider this spam and threat you to disable your account. Well, if we cant make new friends on Facebook, what’s the use of Social networking then ? However we can add strangers if we have a mutual friend... that's really disgusting !

4. Fake profiles

This is the common reason between Orkut and Facebook. Orkut also lost its popularity because of fake profiles and Facebook is also facing this problem. There are 700+ Facebook accounts and more than 55% are either unverified, duplicate or fake accounts. Fake accounts are used for spamming or promoting abusive content and unfortunately Facebook is doing nothing for this.

5. Bad privacy policy

Earlier, people migrated from Orkut to Facebook because of nice Privacy options but now a days Facebook is also playing with its repute by changing privacy policy settings. Facebook, by default, recommends every one to share each and everything (statuses, photos etc) with public. Most of privacy options are confusing and there's always something that user couldn't figure out.

6. Spam

SPAM SPAM SPAM... this is what you will see everywhere on Facebook. Facebook pages is one of top features which are causing SPAM in Facebook. You will see thousands of pages saying "Like this Page to check who see your profile" , "Like this Page to View bla bla bla" , "Like This page to Win Gifts" etc. Many people have migrated to Google+ because of this.

7. Errors and Bugs

Last but not least, many times your Facebook account is not available due to bugs, errors or technical things. This makes users really frustrated. Many times we get "Facebook is not able to process our request" and the only reason is SPAM and fake profiles. Facebook does not have a better management for accounts. Due to access of profiles, these errors occur.

Did i miss any point ? post via comments !

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