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9 Reasons For Depression in New Generation

The number of young people developing depression has doubled in 12 years. Depression is less common in children under 12 years old, but increases after that, affecting 5 in every 100 teenagers. Youth suicide is the third most common cause of death resulting from depression. This is a serious problem that affects every aspect of a youth’s life. If not diagnosed and treated, it can lead to problems at home and school, drug abuse, homicidal violence or even suicide. There are several reasons for this alarming rise in the young generation of today which include:

Personal experiences or events

Childhood trauma is a major factor causing depression in later stages of life. Among children, the main reason is said to be stress occurring mostly in children from broken families, lack of attention from parents, poverty, social isolation, and child abuse.


Stress is another factor which contributes to depression. This may be due to pressure from society, stress related to studies, which is often enforced by the educational institutions and by their families.

Biological factors

Depression may run in families due to genetic factors. It is more common in girls as compared to boys. Children facing a genetic history of depression, who have seen parental fights, alcohol in family, going through an accident, are more prone to developing and inculcating depression from a young age.

Recent life events

Recent life events may often trigger episodes of depression. Disappointments in friendship, relationship problems with the opposite sex or career uncertainty are common reasons for depression in the young generation.

Cutthroat Competition

Today’s busy schedule of work and cutthroat competition for career, especially for professionals and office workers, transforms the youth of today as a victim of stress.

Family Harmony

Mental development of a person depends mainly on the family atmosphere. If the harmony and peace of a family is disturbed, a child grows with feelings of uncertainty and develops a rude and stubborn nature. Later on in life he becomes a tension prone personality. Therefore, absence of peace and harmony in the family may be attributed as one of the main factors behind depression.

Feelings of Negligence

Every human being craves for attention. When an individual is deprived of this attention or not given consideration by the people he loves, he may suffer from depression. It is important not to detach that individual from the family or social circle but to provide him with company.

Women at greater risk

Women are much susceptible to depression because of hormonal interference at different stages of life. There occurs serious hormonal imbalance during adolescence as well as child birth. Later on during menopause, the physical as well as mental structure gets affected, resulting in severe and chronic forms of tension and depression.

Dreaded disease diagnosis

Sometimes when an individual at a young age suffers from some sort of chronic disease or ailment, he might build up depression and nervous breakdown too. Since youth is associated with joy and hope, the news of some dreaded disease may shatter the dreams of the young individual.

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