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Block Any Website (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter or Email) for Few Hours Daily

Its Good know about your interest in blocking time-wasting websites such as Facebook, Twitter etc. You should block these websites for certain time period daily so you could concentrate your work and could be more productive while working. Actually i was trying to access my Facebook from friend's computer and i got an error that "This website is blocked from 9am to 5pm". I tried twitter and same thing happened. It was amazing thing, i asked my friend and he told me how to do this.

He told me that he blocked these websites manually using a Google chrome extension so that he could concentrate on his work. He also told me that you can block any  website for particular time period and websites will be unblocked when that time has passed. This is really a great idea one can apply in his home PC, school labs etc. Here is how you can block any website for few hours daily.

How to Block Any Website for Particular time Daily ?

  • It only works on Google Chrome (a great internet browser), If you dont have, Install in
  • After Installation, install a Google Chrome extension called Website Blocker extension.
  • Go to settings icon (an icon will appear next to URL address bar) and website address with time duration.
  • Thats it
This extension provide a simple interface that any internet user can handle. Simply enter the website address and time. As shown in below image. (In below image, i have block totally and from 10:00am to 12:59pm).

Now, after applying these settings, i closed this option and tried to access and got this message.

Most important thing, as button appears on the menu bar, so some one may come to know that how website is block and he/she may unblock websites by removing time limits as defined in settings. So, its important to Hide that Icon if you install this extension in Public computer, School Lab or in Your office. By hiding this icon, no one will come to know how websites are blocked.

How to Hide Icon that Allow You to Block Websites ?

Well, there are two ways to hide that button.
  • Method# 1: "Right Click" on the icon and Click on "Hide Button"

  • Method# 2: "Right Click" on the icon and Click on "Options" and select two options as selected in below shown image.

  • Thats it !
This is really a useful extension and works great everywhere ! You can block as many websites as you want without any programming language or purchasing applications.

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