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Cell Phone Tracing, Spying and Hacking

A cell phone is a vital communication instrument in today’s world. Almost everyone has one. It is not a matter of luxury but an instrument of importance and convenience. It is your connection to the rest of the world.  But, despite the many benefits that cell phones have in the world of today, we cannot ignore privacy issues related to the use of this communication tool. Anyone can have a peek into your personal life and monitor every move of yours. The technology that helps you stay in touch constantly can now let others have an inside scoop in your private world without your knowledge or permission.
What is cell phone spying?
Long ago phones could be tapped and traced. This would enable others to listen to your conversation. As technology is improving, now there are a number of cell phone spying tools available to invade your privacy.
1. Softwares enabling eavesdropping
Eavesdropping is very common and simple.  All it requires is installing software so that someone can record your calls and check your text.
2. Surveillance systems
It has become easy to locate a person’s whereabouts if they are carrying their cell phone with them, using a service called World Tracker. For this you need to log on the web site and enter the target’s phone number. The website will then send a text message to the phone for confirmation.  After the response is sent, the target can easily be tracked down by showing you the exact location of the phone by each minute on the Google Map.
3. Advanced eavesdropping
This type of cell phone spying device will tell you what your target is doing at the particular moment without them even knowing it. It uses the phone’s microphone to allow you to hear any conversations within earshot. After you install the program, you can dial your target’s number to tap into the phone’s microphone and hear everything going on without the phone ringing. Examples of such programs include Flexispy.
4. Spying tools used to retrieve deleted messages and last dialed numbers
Many simple cell phone spying tools enable anyone to access your phone to read your deleted text messages and recover previously dialed numbers.
What you can do to protect yourself
  • Do not accept Bluetooth connections.
  • Make sure no one has access to install something when you aren’t watching.
  • Do not give out your cell phone number unnecessarily to others
Punishment for cell phone spying: Listening to other people conversations without their consent is a serious offence and might land you in jail. Neither federal nor state privacy laws take violations lightly in some countries. If you get caught you be imprisoned for several years apart from other serious penalties.

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