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Change Your Blogspot (Blogger) FAV Icon within Few Clicks - Its Official

Fav Icons (icon for favorites list) is a small size icon associated with a blog address. It is shown in internet browsers beside blog address. Earlier it was not supported by major browsers however today its proudly supported by almost all web browsers. A Fav icon is a cool way to add more branding to your website or blog. Favicon are 16×16 or 32×32 in size and can be either static or animated. Favicons have become so much popular that people tend to recognize the websites even by their fav icons. Today, almost every website have its own FAV icon.

You can also add a fav icon to your blogger/blogspot blog, earlier a there was an old method to add favicon in blogger however now blogger has officially launched a feature to change favicon of your blogspot blog within few clicks. Here is how you can change your fav icon.

How to Add Fav Icon to Blogger - Officially !

  • First of all, create a Fav icon of your website or download one from internet.
  • Now, Login in Your Blogger Account using
  • Go to Settings > Design and click on EDIT of Fav icon box.

  • Simply, Upload Your Fav icon and View your blog. It will look more nice than before :)

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