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Download Flickr Photos That are Protected by spaceball.gif File

Flickr is one of the biggest photo sharing and photo storage website owned by Yahoo inc. Until 2010, there were 5 billion images hosted on flickr so you can search any kind of image at Flickr. Normally, you can easily download a picture from flickr or any other website easily by right clicking on the picture and selecting "Save Image As" from the menu. But as Flickr gives a protection option to image uploader, many images may be protected and you may see "spaceball.gif" picture whenever you try to save a protected picture from flickr.
Even though Flickr does not allow you to download such pictures but you still can download those protected flickr pictures within few seconds using a "html source trick" Here is how you can apply that trick;

How to Download a Protected Picture from Flickr

  • Right Click on that page (not on the image) and select "view source" from the menu.

  • Now, search (press CTRL+F key) for this phrase Looking for the HTML
  • You will see the actual image URL just 1-2 lines above the searched line

  • Simply, click on that URL - that is address of actual image.
  • Now, you will get the image displayed with all options unlocked. Download it immediately :)

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