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Free Ways to Backup Your Tweets and Twitter Account

Twitter has become one of  TOP 10 websites of the world and 2nd largest social network followed by Facebook. Twitter is useful for everyone, celebrities, bloggers, companies and simple internet users. Bloggers can provide their services via twitter and can drive traffic from twitter to their websites and blogs. But due to downtime of Twitter, there are chances that you will loss your tweets and/or twitter account. So its important and much useful if you backup your twitter account time by time. Following is list of websites which help you to backup your tweets and twitter account data.

Its easy to backup your twitter account using, Simply, login in your Twitter account using this website and this website will give you several items to make backup. Like, you can create backup of your twitter followers, your tweets, your DM (direct messages), Your Favorites, Your friends or everything in a single backup. Its free to backup your twitter account using Website: another free website to backup your twitter account such as tweets, friends etc. All you have to do is, login this website using your twitter account login details and this website will create a free backup of all your tweets and important twitter data. This website also gives you paid services but its up to you which package fulfill your requirements, i.e. free version or paid package. Using Free Service, you can store backup of 1 GB for 1 year.

Simply, provide your twitter login details to them and enter your email address. This website will send you Daily Twitter Account backups automatically for free.As this service is in beta testing so possibly this may not work perfectly as compared to other two free websites mentioned above. Website:

Backupify is another free website which provides you free service for creating backup of your twitter data such as tweets, followers, direct messages etc. Apart from Twitter it can also backup your Gmail account, Facebook accounts, GDocs and more. This website is worth a try at least.

Friend Backup

This is not a website/online utility. This is an application which requires Java 6. All you have to do is, download and install this application. Run the application after installation, then provide your twitter account details and this application will download all your twitter data in to your computer. Website:

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