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How People Hack Your Email Accounts such as Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail etc

In past few days, we have discussing how people hack our social accounts such as how they hack facebookhow they hack blogger etc. Hackers are not magicians who get your passwords by moving their hands on magical crystal balls, Its YOU who help them hacking your accounts. One of the reason behind how they hack your accounts is, they either know your email address password or they have hacked your email address and have full control on your email address. So, in this article, you will come to know how people hack our email addresses and make our internet life so frustrated.

How Hackers Hack Email Accounts ?

Normally, an end-user (a simple internet user) do not know much about how hackers can steal their passwords and take over their accounts. They dont know how to secure their accounts, hackers take benefit of it and use your innocence to hack your accounts. Here are the ways, how they hack your accounts.

Hacking Accounts via Phishing

Phishing is an attempt of acquiring password by showing exact but fake copy of original website. Hackers will send you a link with some interesting text, suppose he sends you a Gmail phishing page, you click on that link, a page opens which looks exactly as if its original Gmail page. You enter your login details and realize nothing bad or good happened but your login details are delivered to the hacker as he has done some programming behind that fake page to capture your login details such as username and password.

How to Know Phishing pages ?
All email services like Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo etc uses SSL certificates on their websites. SSL certificates make the login pages secure and gives guarantee that all information is kept between You and your email service provider and no one is interfering. Now the question is how to know if SSL certificate is being used or NOT ? Well, its simple to know, the website address will start withHTTPS:// the "S" determines that the website is using SSL certificate and giving your a secure connection to enter your login details, as all email service provider uses SSL certificate so their website addresses will have HTTPS:// in start. If it starts from HTTP:// (without S in it), do not enter you login details, this can be phishing page.

Hacking Account from Public Computers

Avoid checking emails or opening account from public computers such as Internet cafes, Libraries, Hostels etc. The administrator of such computers may have installed applications to capture your passwords and activities. Its better to go to your home and check your emails from your personal computer.

Hacking Account using Secondary Email address

Never use email address of your friend as secondary email address, he may change your password any time as email service providers send passwords to secondary email address when needed. If secondary account is under your custody, make sure you use different password for both of your accounts.

Hacking Accounts by Answering Security Questions

Every email service providing company asks you some security questions so that if you forget your password they could give back to you after having answers of those questions that you given them on the time of creating that account. Hacker may not know those answers but any one can know those questions easily. They will chat with you or will send you a friendly email, will be your best friend in no time, will ask you those questions and will get to know the answers then by answering those security questions, they will change your email passwords. So, never share the information that belongs to your email account, even with your best friend.

Above were the most common ways how hacker hack your email accounts. If you follow above suggestions, your account will remain safe always. If you know more security measures, please share with us via comments form.

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