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How to Convert SWF Flash Files to HTML5 Online with Google Swiffy

Adobe's Flash player what that makes the internet complete. Without Adobe flash player, internet will be really boring because you wouldn't be able to view online videos, flash animations, online streaming of channels and so on. The best thing about Adobe flash player is it plays real high definition videos so brilliantly. But the only problem with this amazing plugin is, you will have to install this on your computer in order to use it. Now, with HTML5, you can convert SWF flash files into HTML5 which does not require anything to be installed to view animations.

What is HTML 5 ?

Actually, HTML is what makes the internet. Its core technology of the Internet. HTML was introduced in 1990 and last time it was updated in 1997 as HTML 4. Now, this language has been updated again after so many years and now it gives more ability to do things on the web. Its for designers and developers. End-users may be not interested in HTML 5.

How to Convert Flash Animations to HTML 5

Google Swiffy is an online application by Google labs which allows you to convert SWF files into HTML5. Its really yet an other amazing move by Google. This make people able to view animation files/videos without Flash play installed on their computers.  It supports subset of SWF 8 and ActionScript 2.0 and output looks fine in all webkit supported browsers such as Google chrome, Mozilla firefox etc. You can check amazing examples of Flash files converted in to HTML5 in Google Swiffy gallery.

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