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How to Know Who Removes You from Circles on Google Plus

Google Plus is yet another mind boggling social networking tool launched by Google with the intention to give tough competition to Facebook. Google Plus was initially available to a limited number of users but soon the number of users increased on the website. The platform has a concept of circles wherein one can add each other to get each other’s update and stay connected. Every day you are added by a lot of people and you may also add a lot of people in your circles. When someone adds you in their circle you may feel nice about it but you never come to know if they remove you.

One may not control others when they remove them from their circles but now, one can certainly know about it if someone removes them from their circles. It is known as Google Minus. As suggested by its name, it is a browser extension that notifies you about the removal. Whenever someone removes you from the circle it automatically pops up on the browser. Ne can easily get the extension. You just have to go to the developer website and then install it on your browser.

How to Install Google Minus

The Google Minus extension can be installed on Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome browsers. The extension is based on the Kynetx platform that enables one to develop cross platform applications that can run on different browsers. However before you install the extension let me highlight the fact that once you install it Google Minus can access all your data including the browsing data and history. So install it only if you do not mind your information to be accessed or else you should wait for some other extension or application.

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