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How to Remove or Clear Saved Passwords in Google Chrome

When it comes to Internet, maintaining privacy is the most important thing. Google Chrome is one of the best Internet browsers of today which comes with so many privacy options. Each time you enter your username and password in any website, Google Chrome asks you "Do you want to Save the Password?" If you want Google to fill your username and password next time automatically, then definitely you will choose this option. But what if your mind is changed and you feel like removing saved passwords from Google Chrome ?

Google Chrome also provide you options to manage your stored passwords and remove your browsing history. Its really very easy to remove Saved Passwords from Google Chrome history.

How to Remove Saved Passwords from Google Chrome ?

  • Open Google Chrome
  • Click on "Settings Icon" located on the top Right side of Google Chrome
  • Now Select "Options" form the menu

  •  Google Chrome will show you settings page, from this page, select "Personal Stuff" and click on "Manage Saved Passwords"

  • Now you will see the list of all saved usernames and passwords. You can remove any username and password from Google chrome by clicking on "X" icon placed next to each saved username and password.

  • Thats it!

How to Remove All Saved Passwords and Browsing History in Google Chrome ?

Well, you dont have to remove all passwords manually, Google Chrome gives you option to remove all usernames, passwords, cookies, browsing history etc at once. Here is how you can remove everything at once.

  • Click on "Under The Hood" and then click on "Remove Browsing History"

  • A New box will appear with several options, select "Beginning of the Time" from those options and click on "Clear Browsing Data"

  • Thats it...

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