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How to Show Only Certain Labels in Your Blogspot Blogs

Blogger has ranked in top10 by Alexa and the reason behind such a great success is their user-friendly interface and handy features. Earlier, blogger had given a feature of showing labels in blogspot sidebars which was an appreciated feature however people were compelled to place Labels manually as they were wanting to show only certain labels and Blogger's Label widget was showing all of labels. Now, blogger has realized and added the function of showing selected or certain labels instead of all of labels. Here is how you can show certain labels in your blogger widget.

How to Show Certain Labels

  • Login in Your Blogger Account
  • Go to Dashboard > Design
  • Click on Add a Gadget and selected Labels from the menu
  • Now select "Selected Labels" from the box 

  •  Okay, now its time to select number of labels that you want to display in your Labels widget.

  • After selecting number of certain labels, click on DONE
  • Check Your blog, you will see only those Label names that you had selected.

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