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How to Watch Time of All Cities of the World - World Clock

Whether you want to work with people from different time zones or want to travel to some different country it was always very difficult it to keep track of time and calculate it every time. What makes it even more difficult is the daylight saving time. One cannot remember that which country has it and which doesn’t. So instead you can easily find out time in any country by downloading a simple extension in your Google Chrome browser. The application is called World Clock that shows you time from 400 different cities of the world, set by default, in a separate window. One can add or remove a clock for any country. The choice is up to you if you want to view time in analog or digital format.

You can download and install the application. After that you need to restart your browser. The application is launched in a new window. The application synchronizes its time in real time using your internet connection to calculate the time. The application does not use your system time. So, even if you change it, it does not affect the app as it will use time from internet.

If you want to add a new city, just type in the city’s name in the add bar. If the country is supported by the application, the city name will appear in the selection menu along with its country. Select the city name and then press the Add button. The new clock that shows the new city’s time will appear along with the other six default clocks.

If you do not want to keep track of some city anymore then you can remove it. You can also remove a clock of the six default countries as well. Just roll over your mouse to the clock, then you will see a red cross that appears. Click on the cross and it will be removed. You can again add the removed cities later on if you want in the same as described above.

The application shows time in the analogue format by default in the analogue format, so you can switch to the other format by clicking on the Digital button. The tool also has to offer two themes, one light and one dark. By default the app is set in the dark theme.

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