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Common SEO Mistakes & Tips From Google for New Bloggers

Search Engine Optimization is the only medium which can get your blog better rankings and results out of millions. But SEO is not limited to some myths and methods or any particular learning course that can be completed in a due time, its the continues process running from years back and its still going on. One needs to be updated with the upcoming factors in optimization which also include mistakes, Yes! we can’t neglect it, but off course can avoid and face it :)

If you are a Blogger then you must have been aware with SEO mistakes that we perform namely Black Hat SEO. But there’s many other which we can’t label it Black, those which is too common but unaware and its impact on your blog’s rankings and reputation may have inhibitory effects. Below are the factors and reasons for some common SEO mistakes.

Common SEO Mistakes Recognized By Google

1. Chasing SEO Aims :

Common Seo Mistakes

It solely means- bloggers are running behind search engines and not users(readers). They are feeding Google-Bots and not real human(visitors) who are precious. According to Google, they are working keenly to provide much better results to their users and at the same time asking the website owner to provide material for those users. If blogger is working on quality articles, search engines will automatically recognize them and will reward accordingly. Thus, performing mistake by not valuing our readers and giving much importance to search engines.

2. Indulged in unwanted SEO Tricks :

The basic aim of any Blogger is to provide best information to its users, but most of the novice gives priority to myths or definite methods known as SEO tricks to get instant results and ranking, by doing so they are trying to cheat Google Search engine. And in the favor, Google add those Blogs to their black list. Probably SandBox or Hitting By Panda update.

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3. Time-Wasting Works :

Here, by time-wasting works, I need to highlight some unwanted factors which most of use are indulged in, like submitting new content to search engines, fetching bots, etc

  • Avoid submitting new contents to fetch in Search Engines, You just write quality articles and let Google do their work, It is smart enough to know what to do next :)
  • Avoid rel=”canonical” and instead use rel=”next” or “prev” for paginated contents.

4. Focusing Much On Back-Links:

Now-a-days, we all are keen about back-links, it is pre-settled assumption that links plays important role to get your Blog better reputation in search engines. But for your knowledge, these all is old and out-dated fashion. Google no-more gives importance to these link building business. So don’t give much importance to these tasks, but eventually don’t avoid also as it still parts some role in lesser amount though.

In this their is exception, when your blog get incoming link form some reputed blog like : Shoutmeloud, it counts for your blog’s well-being.

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Official SEO Tips From Google

These above common SEO mistakes is officially recognized and published by Google, and they have also given giving some valuable SEO Tips for novice bloggers to keep-up-with.

  • 1. Do Something Extra-Ordinary : If you want your blog to be famous then do something cool
  • 2. Have some relevant and related keywords to your article, but don’t over stuff.
  • 3. Site structure, Tags, Meta Tags, Header tags, etc plays important role. Have some basic idea about it.
  • 4. Attract Google Plus One, Tweets, Shares and other known social media networks.
  • 5. Be unique and fresh when it comes to your blog and article. Stale articles is disliked by search engines :P

So folks, I hope you enjoyed this article and have cleared your ideas and doubts for Common SEO Mistakes and at the same time made your self aware with official Google SEO Tips.

P.S Don’t forget to leave your valuable comments and opinions.

This is Guest Post By Krishna Parmar who blogs @ about Tech, Android, Facebook, Windows 8 and Themes

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