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Writing For Link Building – A Perpetual Dilemma of A Write

If you ever happen to be in the writing profession, you are fully aware of the pains and all the inconsequential things that are intrinsically associated with dealing with unreasonable demands of the clients. The worst part of it could be writing for the search engines rather than the visitors and that too even in the post panda world. From my personal experience, I can tell you straight that most clients are still living in the world of denials and still asking writers like me who are making a living out of writing to come up with crap articles; I mean content stuffed with as many keywords as possible. It appears they are living a life that has little to do with reality; and they are impervious to outward influences for say over optimizations and other things that are on the pipeline. Here I am not going to write another how to bluff thing, rather I am going to hit link building the problem straight and let us see if there is any way out there.
Write Blah, Blah and Blah:

Yes, clients of this kind do not care what the hell you are going to write. No matter whether you are a native English writer or a writer of a third world country (I do not mean to hurt anyone’s feelings here), they are going to pay you peanuts (pennies in some cases may be). As the saying goes – when you are paying penny, you will get only monkeys, writers are most likely to produce something that nobody would care to read. You might be wondering what purpose these articles are supposed to serve and why they are wasting their money on them. I have tracked some of them and lol, those trolls get placed in sites, that are basically famed as link farms. Probably, you have heard the stories of LinkVana, BuildMyRank and their likes and how they are getting nuked by Google. But the clients are as always impervious to the changes and will ask you to stuff keywords as usual.
Please Write an Article on [Keyword]:

It happened with me yesterday and I wonder why this always happens with me. I got a new client and he seemed almost an angel. He was happy with my creative tidbits and paid me in advance but lol, when I asked him about the project scope, he said point blank –

“I will send you list of keywords. Just make sure you are maintaining at least 10% of keywords density and I do not care about the topic. Come up whatever you feel right.”

This is pathetic and I hope, you have had similar experience. Seems no one is interested about what you are going to write. Rather what they want is an article with a link back from the body with exact anchor text. And the worst part, they make writers write things unimaginable. We have to write almost on anything. From Viagra to latest iPhone, clients think we ordinary writers are experts in almost everything. And as obvious, you can have an idea of the quality of the write-ups. Quick note – I have literature background and recently I wrote an awesome article on Event horizon and the super complex Quantum theory. J I hope Einstein will not kill me for this.
Do No Ask Me to Do Research:

Since I am getting peanuts, you simply cannot expect that I will do extensive research and come up with something brilliant. However, there can be some exceptions but you should not forget the fact that expectations only establish the rule. But I strongly believe that these exceptions will burn out fast, really fast.
What Would I Do If Opportunity Given:

If the clients would not press me so hard, below are the few things that I would do before coming up with a write-up:
I would visit a local library and have couples of hours of reading before hitting the desk.
I would score the web for few hours and gather resource.
I would take interviews of some industry experts before coming up with the write-up
I would write probably an awesome article after scanning all the details pertaining to the write-up.

But as expected, I am not going to have the aforementioned facilities, so the same sage will continue forever.

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